Brittle Jacks Chestnut Farm

David Ogilvy has been growing chestnuts since 1976. When asked why Chestnuts? David had loved chestnuts trees from his experience in Europe. He saw an opportunity and decided to plant 500 trees at a property located 1000 metres above sea level.

Choosing the right variety of chestnut proved difficult. After planting the trees, it would take 6-10 years to see if they would fruit. Some of the varieties that he sourced from Victoria did not work. I travelled around NSW and Victoria to find suitable trees. The variety he has now is arguably the best variety in Australia.

Chestnuts are picked between March and April. They ready when they fall on the ground. You have to picked them up within two days of them falling. Chestnuts also need a certain amount of heat to ripens.

David sell the chestnuts to visitors who come up from Sydney on coaches to pick them. He also sells them locally. They are available during Orange F.O.O.D Week every April.

I love the trees, I love eating the chestnuts and they are such beautiful trees. In Europe, there are huge chestnut trees that are over 1,500 years old, they also give the trees names.

The history of eating chestnuts in Europe date back to before Columbus went to South America. Chestnuts were carbohydrates for many people in Europe, Korea and Japan.