Pioneer Brewing Co

A farming lifestyle, a career in mechanical engineering, and a longing for home and his young family – combined with a life-long obsession with beer is probably the perfect recipe for heading up an award-winning, self-sufficient, and 100% independently Aussie-owned farm-based brewery. Peter Gerber brought Pioneer Brewing to the Orange FOOD scene in December 2017.

Pioneer Brewing are the only brewery on the Australian eastern mainland growing their own malting grain (barley, wheat and rye), harvesting, brewing and packaging all on a single farm location. Their beers have a fresh and clean finish on the palate which many believe is due to brewing with water harvested on farm.

They have a strong sustainability focus; with the spent grain after brewing being fed to their sheep whilst no longer nutrient rich it has been a great filler feed through the drought. They mostly operate off the grid during the day on solar, they re-purpose used hops as fertiliser around the farm and irrigate their treated wastewater on to lucerne paddocks.

Pioneer Brewing Co, are continually crafting new lagers, ales and seasonal brews from the produce grown on their family farm, catering to all beer connoisseurs from an mid-strength session-able Aussie lager, to a hoppy pale ale or IPA or perhaps your preference is dark and malty; their unique brand has a brew for everyone.

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