Fourjay Farms

Fourjay Farms is a two generation family business that grows, harvests, processes and produces a range of hazelnut products. Our emphasis is on the production of high quality, healthy kernels that are freshly cracked for our customers. Our goal is to provide a friendly, helpful, reliable and prompt service.

Fourjay Farms is a family partnership located on the Central Tablelands of NSW, just south of the city of Orange. The partners in the business are Basil and Jean Baldwin, Dave and Carolyn Stansfield. Our hazelnut orchards are planted on deep, fertile, red soils of volcanic origin. The climate is one of cool to cold winters and warm summers with an average annual rainfall of 820 mm. The soils and climate are ideal for hazelnut production.

Our emphasis is growing healthy trees to produce a health-giving product. We provide an appropriate nutritional program for the trees, which have supplementary irrigation in a dry season. Plantings of native trees and shrubs around the orchards provide habitats for a wide range of birds and insects. We do not use pesticides for pest or disease control.

The main aim of Fourjay Farms is to produce a high quality, fresh product that is 100% Australian grown. We strive to operate in a socially responsible and environmentally friendly manner.