Cumulus Vineyards

At Cumulus Vineyards we embody the spirit of our home in Orange, Australia’s premier cool climate, high elevation wine region. Our goal is to continue creating premium, high-altitude wines that are synonymous with the Orange wine region.

The key to our success is our stunning vineyard located in Boomey approximately 40 kilometres north-west of Orange. Sprawled over rolling hills in the Orange GI wine region, our 508-hectare property is one of the largest single-estate vineyards in Australia. The cooler temperatures we get at our high-altitude estate provide excellent growing conditions for our vines and deliver better fruit quality. Higher elevation estates also receive more intense sunlight; this helps us grow fruit with bright and flavourful characteristics!

Our hometown of Orange is a part of Australia’s Food Basket, so we’ve always thought that wine is best enjoyed with delicious food. Our winemakers believe that great wines are made in the vineyards, so they let the fruit do the talking! This allows us to create delicious wines with rich flavours that pair wonderfully with good food.

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