Bills Beans

From humble origins in 2007 Bills Beans has grown from a shop front roastery to one of the largest regionally based coffee roasters in Australia. We roast in Orange NSW and are damn proud to be here.

We arrived in Orange, June 2007. Lisa from owning and running her own catering business and having just sold a Deli/Café. Bill a second-generation coffee roaster and having a small roastery in Botany, Sydney.

We could see the promise of success in Orange with serving “City” coffee to the locals. In our converted old butcher shop, we were blown away with the positive response. A little slice of Darlinghurst in Orange.

Our approach to coffee is simple:

  • Source well, continually chasing the best coffee the world has to offer and improve the lives of our coffee farmers and their pickers along the way.
  • Roast on the best equipment available to exact profiles.
  • Blend, cup and be consistent in producing the best quality coffee available.
  • Continually learn and improve what we do and bring that knowledge to our customers.
Phone 02 6360 2868