In 2018, Orange region community faced one the biggest threats to local livelihoods in over three decades, with a bushfire raging out of control on Mount Canobolas in February 2018 just before harvest and vintage in the lead up to the festival. Several of our premium vineyards and farms, as well as livestock and human lives were saved through the dedicated efforts of local volunteer firefighters from the Rural Fire Service (RFS) who fought for three days and nights straight to battle the blaze and control it.

To celebrate and thank these local heroes on the behalf of the entire community, Orange F.O.O.D Week has undertaken a 3-year agreement to provide Festival Night Market food and wine vouchers to all 100 local RFS volunteers. The RFS has also been allocated a free-of-charge stand at the Festival Night Market for the next 3 years to be accessible to locals and help educate the public on the importance of fire safety and how to prepare and protect properties both during and prior to the annual fire season.


Forage was born out of a visit to La Morra in Piedmont Italy in 2006. The town of La Morra in the hills of Piedmonte developed their ‘Mangialonga’ event in 1986. The 4km trail crosses beautiful landscapes which combine with local culinary delicacies to make it an unique event with people coming from all over the world. It is an event not to be missed!


Run by a voluntary committee, Orange F.O.O.D Week is committed to working collaboratively with our partners to ensure the continued success of the festival.

We’d like to give a big thanks to our partners for helping us make Orange F.O.O.D Week Festival possible.

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We have a wide range of partnership packages for Orange F.O.O.D Week 2021 to suit your objectives and marketing budgets. We aim to align with your business to provide a unique food and wine-centric platform with which to engage your target audiences and bring your brand to life.

Please contact Orange F.O.O.D Week, via email foodadmin@orangefoodweek.com.au for more information.