The Second Mouse Cheese Co

Artisan Cheeses handmade with locally sourced milk and traditional techniques. Tastings and sales available at Farmer's Markets and The Agrestic Grocer.

Product range includes:

  • Frieda: Matriarch of the Second Mouse family, she is an oozy and pungent style of smear ripened soft cheese with a russet coloured rind and a strong personality!
  • Double Cream Brie: Luscious double cream with fine bloomy rind that is ripened to full flavour for a decadent taste sensation
  • Roobie Blue: Creamy firm cheese punctuated with veins of spicy, salty blue. Moderate piquancy and well balanced - a blue to make friends with!
  • Henri: Unique Swiss-style cheese with both sweet and nutty flavours and a semi-hard texture
  • Camembert: Soft creamy cheese that matures to have complex, mushroomy notes and a white bloomy rind.
  • Haloumi: A mild cheese that is soft and salty. It will hold its shape when cooked, making it ideal for cooking.
  • Fetta: A slightly crumbly and creamy texture with a beautiful tangy salty finish. (available seasonally)
  • Quark: A soft texture with a slightly lemony zing. Great for savoury and sweet dips and German cheese cake.