The Second Mouse Cheese Co

For Kai Woltmann, cheese is a passion that started in his home country of Germany, with a cheese-maker who lived across the road producing Tilsit. After years of eating cheese virtually two times a day as is usual in Germany, Kai built on his passion and knowledge of cheese while living in Paris.

Kai began cheese-making when he moved to Sydney and started doing courses in Adelaide and New Zealand, and experimenting with cheese-making in the home. While his day job of IT Project Management would take him all over the world, most weekends were spent either learning about cheese, making cheese and its accompaniments, or eating cheese!

Kai and his wife Annie are excited that after a long period of planning and building, the Second Mouse Cheese Company is in full swing. While Kai is excited about making delicious cheeses that people know about like camembert, blue, haloumi, quark and feta, hes also looking forward to creating new and unique cheeses using local products wherever possible.