The Orange Fermentary

Inspired for health from within, our products have been developed to revitalise your immune system and your gut health with live cultures that taste amazing.

Originally developed to treat our families own various autoimmune conditions our business has grown from the persistent pressure of friends and the local community to provide them with high potency health tonics. Our first inspiration was our apple tonic vinegar, developed to be something you look forward to taking every day… this golden elixir takes local pink lady apples and ferments them with whole turmeric, ginger, garlic and onion and for those who like it spicy, our flaming vinegar adds a little chili to the mix.

Our most popular products are our uniquely flavoured water kefir range that rivals any kombucha on taste and quality and delivers a much broader range of microbial diversity that other products cant achieve. Beetroot Kvass has long been a favourite, using a thousand-year-old recipe that has stood the test of time. A great alternative to a store-bought sports drink, rich in salts and minerals.

We pride ourselves on the unique flavours of our products, from spicy apple tonics, fruit flavoured drinks for hot summer days and espresso fusion kefir when you need it, we have something for every palate. We love Orange and are proud to be a local producer using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.

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