Sweet Sour Salt

Sweet Sour Salt is Orange's first modern Asian restaurant. Canberra chef and dietitian couple Ivan Podres and Annette Shelley opened the restaurant in June 2010, after suffering withdrawal symptoms from city-style Asian dining. A small location on Summer street was found, opened on a tight budget, and demand for the flavour driven pan Asian dishes grew.

After seven and a half years in the 45-seat location in Summer Street, Sweet Sour Salt renovated and then moved into the well-known and well-loved Selkirk's building at 179 Anson St, Orange.

Sweet Sour Salt has just passed their 9th birthday selling innovative Asian cuisine to Oranges foodies. Sweet Sour Salt loves Orange, our mission is to keep serving up good times and great Asian food to local diners and visitors for another 9 years!

Photo credit: @paulinemorrisey