Paling Yards Grove

Paling Yards Olive Grove began when Ross and Trish Bragg planted 2,000 young olive trees in 1999. There are now 3,000 trees on the family run property located 35 kilometres west of Orange in NSW. It is a complete family effort with Ross and Trishs son and daughter along with their own families also being involved in various aspects of the business.

The predominant olive variety at Paling Yards Olive Grove is Frantoio (Paragon), which is one of the most noted varieties in Tuscany, Italy. The fruit are small to medium with high oil content. They have a fruity character, are highly aromatic and premium quality. The Paragon thrives in the cool winter climate of our region, withstanding frosts and enjoying the summer heat.

Paling Yards Grove also ahas 150 Kalamata and Jumbo Kalamata table olive trees.

Studies have shown the nutritional and health benefits associated with the olive. Eating olives and olive oil can lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart attacks and also some cancers. Olive oil is high in anti-oxidants, low in monounsaturated fats and contains no cholesterol.

The Heart Foundation now recommends olive oil as the healthy substitute for other fats in the diet. And, according to experts Olive oil is the only oil which is actually a fruit juice…in its purest form, the oil is simply squeezed from the fruit, filtered and bottled, with no contamination by any chemical processĀ (Olives Australia Pty Ltd).