Kalavista Organics

Let's move to the country, she said. It will be fun! she said. So with no farming experience, no house and two very active, seven and nine year old boys, Sue and Steve Brown embarked on a journey in 2006.

Firstly, planting over 1,000 olive trees into drought affected land (lots of hard work!) and then, building their solar passive, strawbale house on a community title, certified organic farm, Rivers Road Organic Farms at Canowindra on the Belubula River. It looked like a moonscape but we were living the dream, escaping the rat race.

During the build Steve's parents also fell in love with the farm and decided to build on a granny flat. We now had an extended family living and working on the farm. Reconnecting with family and nature. Life was good!

As the trees became established, the first crop of 5kg became insignificant compared to the 2017 crop of 30,000kg. This trend was forecast and therefore, we needed a brand name to sell our organic olives and extra virgin olive oil. While looking out the window one day, Steve's dad suggested the name Kalavista. This represented the view over the Kalamatas, which are the predominant variety grown. Later on, we also found out that a nickname from Medieval Greek, Kalas means beautiful. A brand name was born.

We had planted 4 varieties of olives; Kalamata, Jumbo Kalamata, Spanish Queen and Oil Kalamata. The first three were for table fruit. These varieties are hand picked and cured using the wild fermentation method in 10% brine using Murray River Salt. The curing time varies from 6 months to 18 months and is done on farm. The Oil Kalamata olives are machine harvested and transported within hours to the local press to be made into Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed Olive Oil.

We are very proud of our achievements and love to share our products and experiences with others.