Kabadah Cottage – Locally Grown Garlic

Nestled in a quiet valley 40 minutes north of Orange, Kabadah is a multi-generation family farm raising grass fed beef and lamb and growing spelt, wheat and canola.

Roz and Charles work on the farm with the family and live in the ‘Kabadah Cottage’. In 2021 they started growing garlic commercially. Being a part of their local Paddock to Plate movement provided a great deal of inspiration to start the business, as well as a desire to grow local Australian garlic. The vast majority of garlic eaten in Australia is imported and often treated with toxic chemicals to improve appearance and lengthen storage.

With cold winters and hot summers, Kabadah has the perfect growing conditions for garlic and believe that fresh and local is best when it comes to what we eat. We grow a variety called Italian Purple, which belongs to the hardneck Turban Group of garlic cultivars and produces gorgeous white and purple striped bulbs with large pink and cream cloves, which are easy to peel.
It’s a versatile garlic to cook with, lending itself beautifully to many cuisines, and especially shines when sauteed. It has great strength and complexity of flavour, offering a nice depth of heat and aroma.
Our garlic is available mid-December – February (or until sold out) and can be purchased via our website.

Phone 0429 841 602