Franklin Road Preserves

Having made pickles for our family and friends for several years, they encouraged us to sell the pickles rather than give them away, thus Franklin Road Preserves was launched in 2013.

We are fortunate to have a larger than average back yard with excellent soils which allow us to grow all manner of summer vegetables.

I have spent several years in the bio organics industry and have great passion for recycling organic matter wherever possible, consequently we are constantly making compost for our own use and don’t use any artificial fertilisers.

Quite by accident I discovered several years ago that by regular application of seaweed liquid plants grow strongly enough to resist attack from insects and most harmful bacteria. Consequently I have not used any chemicals in my vegetable garden since then (2010) so while we are not certified organic all our vegetables are chemical free.

Like most people I seem to be able to grow an abundance of zucchini and when my wife Liz came across a recipe for pickled zucchini we decided to give it a try and to our delight it has become a favourite, so no long tradition in that recipe, just great eating!

The Brinjal Kasundi (eggplant chutney) has become our most popular product, this recipe was given to me by Natalie Forsythe-Stock of Ferment Wine Centre in Orange to whom I am eternally grateful. We currently have four options being mild, medium or hot and gluten free (the gluten free is mild).

In 2013 I grew the first crop of pickling cucumbers to make Cornichons, a French style gherkin pickled in the jar, they are gluten free with no sugar, the spices and minor vegetables are added to the empty jar then the cucumbers. The jar is then sealed and placed in a boiler for approximately one hour they are then aged on the shelf for a minimum of one month after which they are crunchy and delicious.