Carbeen Pastured Produce

Carbeen Pastured Produce is a family owned farming business located in Manildra in Central Western New South Wales.

They currently produce Eggs, Beef, Lamb, Wool, Chickens, Ducks and Mushrooms on their 549Ha property. At Carbeen, the farming practices are based on holistic farming principles. They focus on improving the health of the soil, as the health of our soil is the key to healthy plants, healthy animals and our ultimate outcome, producing healthy, nourishing foods.

Carbeen Pastured Produce implements regenerative farming techniques and are focused on increasing the diversity of plant and animal on the farm. There are no 'synthetic' inputs used and the farm is considered "beyond organic" as they focus on enhancing the environment and the greatest level of animal welfare.

Carbeen Pastured Produce can be purchased online or from select independent retailers throughout the Central West, Blue Mountains and Greater Sydney.