Bloodwood Wines

No one on the land ever really owns anything. At the very best we are granted, via the cultural norms of society through the cautious largesse of nature, the responsibility and privilege to be a short term custodians of land. It is our duty to future generations, through the cautious largesse of our antecedents, to care for that land to the best of our ability. This is our inspiration at Bloodwood.

All our wines are produced as simply as possible. Hand pruned, hand picked and hand made estate wines bought into existence with care and patience. Our winery provides 1300KW of solar power annually and is cleansed entirely using our own harvested rain water. Organic wastes left over from the wine making process are returned to their vineyard of origin to help maintain the natural biota of each source block and when moisture is required for the vines, the vast majority of the energy required to move water around is provided by solar energy. Since 1983, we have planted over ten thousand trees on Bloodwood.

All our wines have been produced to be enjoyed with good food. This means that each wine shines when paired with its appropriate dish. Any wine with a Bloodwood label will be flavoursome and drinkable. That’s what makes them all stellar in their own quiet way.