Australian Queen Bee Line

Australian Queen Bee Line was first established in 2005 by Charlie and Brenda Casido in Orange, NSW. Migrating from the Philippines in the early 90's they've called this sunburnt land their home ever since. First planting the AQBL seed with only their bees' classic Yellow box honey; over the years the Casido family have watched their small business gain much national and worldwide support. AQBL has blossomed and are now providing services such as: supplying queen bees, honey varieties, bee by-products and pollination services.

We love the way bees are so resourceful and clever! Our small operation has thrived thanks to these little guys. Bees have the ability to travel more than 5km in a single days work, collecting pollen and diligently providing for their queen bee. The world heavily relies on bees to pollinate crops and fresh produce; and even livestock need vegetation to graze on.

​Our pure Australian honey and honeycomb have reached various countries around the globe, into stores and homes where it can be enjoyed by all ages. Our queen bees and escorts have travelled over oceans to assist hobby and commercial beekeepers alike in having a productive season.

Our mission is to bring awareness for the bees - that without them our world lacks a natural source of pollination and our ecosystems would struggle. So lets protect them by encouraging minimal to no pesticides, herbicides on our lands; that the liquid gold they produce isn't mixed with artificial sweeteners, preservatives and foreign honey's. And finally we support everyone to try beekeeping for themselves or to buy 100% pure Australian honey - through this we're promoting the importance of the bees and honey for health

At Australian Queen Bee Line we pride ourselves in producing 100% Pure Australian Honey products from our own hives; supplying outlets around Australia and various parts of the world. When we cannot meet the market demand for Australian Honey, we will get our supply from other local beekeepers that offer and source their product - establishing a mutually rewarding business relationship.

​ As a growing business we ensure a sense of Quality Control, Business Ethics and Industry Knowledge during production, fully understanding that the final product not only reflects us as a business but reflects the honey industry itself. We can guarantee you that we do not mix our honey with any preservatives, artificial sweeteners or foreign honey's, sourcing our honey locally within Australia - from flowers in various areas of Central Western NSW spanning right down to Northern Victoria.

​Charlie and Brenda would like to thank everyone for supporting local Australian businesses and buying Australian owned and made produce. We continue to encourage the global protection of bees and that honey is for health.