Local café serving homemade classics

It was early in the morning when I visited sisters Karly and Shannon at their café Pickle & Fig – the pair were busily preparing for the day ahead.

They’ve owned their café for eight years and are both self-taught cooks. More often than not it’s just the two of them working behind the scenes and then serving the customers. They get casual help (sometimes) if they are catering for a big event. However, it’s normally just the dynamic duo (happily) cooking away. 

The café is open daily during the week – the pair keep themselves busy – there’s also a catering arm to the business at the weekend. 

Pickle & Fig is where the locals go for granny-inspired baked treats and freshly made (and affordable) lunchtime options. Apart from the classics – a few baked goodies and corn fritters – the menu changes every day, it just depends on what’s in season and what side of the bed they get up on!

When I visited, Shannon was busily cooking up a storm in the back kitchen, making all sorts of fresh wholesome lunchtime goodies to fill the chilled cabinets. There’s a reason she is in charge of all things savoury. On the menu this particular day, she was offering Lentil, Vege Peanut Balls with Salad, or Handmade Pork Sausage Rolls with Cabbage Salsa. Everything is made fresh daily, even their ever-popular chutney which is available to purchase by the jar on the counter. 

Cool cabinet slowly getting stocked with freshly made goodies.

Baked goods are Karly’s domain. Not long after I arrived, she pulled out a freshly baked brownie from the oven and boy did it smell divine. The locals know her routine, right on cue, they started popping in for morning coffees and freshly baked treats. When required, baking recipe inspiration is taken from Belinda Jeffrey’s or New Zealand cookbooks – Karly thinks they have the best baking recipes. Once I tried her Kiwi-inspired ginger crunch slice, I could see what she meant. 

Karly with her freshly baked chocolate brownie.

Both sisters studied various degrees and had various jobs before opening Pickle & Fig. However, Pickle & Fig is where they are both in their element – cooking delicious, fresh meals for the locals of Orange. Pop in, say hello and buy a slice of the ginger crunch – it’s irresistible. 

Words: Helen Johnson – Digital Content Developer