Fermenting, Fasting & Feasting

Join the Orange gut guru's (Dr Braid & Dr Newcombe) for an interactive workshop on mircobiome health, probiotics and fermentation methods. Have you ever wondered what the difference is between kombucha and water-kefir? How are fermented drinks made? What is a live culture vinegar and why is it so very good for you? Come along and find out!

See a practical demonstration of fermentation methods with the cultures used by The Orange Fermentary for their amazing probiotic products. Understand why every probiotic is not right for every gut. A discussion on gut health and the impacts of fasting will be given and how what you eat can dictate every aspect of your health… even your brain function. This is a unique opportunity to meet two amazing local women who are vocal advocates for a holistic approach to optimum health.

Ticket price includes a sample pack of fabulous fermented products. Please phone or email for bookings.

Event Details
Venue Project Room - The Orange Fermentary
Address 48 Silverdown Way, Orange
Date Friday 9th April 2021
Time 2.00PM - 4.00PM
Cost $80pp
Bookings Essential? Yes
Phone 0438 781 855