ABC Radio with Simon Marnie

Join Simon Marnie with ABC Radio Sydney’s Weekend Mornings on Sunday 12 March, broadcasting live from South Court, Orange.

This exciting event kicks off Orange F.O.O.D Week, our annual festival celebrating the food and wine of New South Wales’ Central West region.

Simon is well-known for his passion for good food and wine and the stories behind the produce. “ABC Weekends” features interviews with the people who bring our food from the paddock, to plate!

Simon will “sample” Orange F.O.O.D Week on Sunday with some of the festival’s participants, including local, producers, farmers, winemakers, cooks and chefs, as he broadcasts from Orange.

Join him in person or tune in between 10am and 12pm to learn about the vibrant food culture in the region.

Event Details
Venue 147 Byng Street, South Court
Address 147 Byng Street Orange
Date Sunday 12th March 2023
Time 10:00 - 12:00
Cost Free
Time & Date
Date Start Finish
Sun 12 Mar 10:00 12:00