An afternoon at Borrodell Skybar…

An afternoon at Borrodell Skybar…

What started as a wet cloudy day turned out to be a splendid sunny winter’s afternoon so, I popped out to Borrodell to meet with Gaye Stuart-Nairne and daughter Luisa Machielse.

The team at Borrodell has just finished off another successful truffle season. Throughout July they had various truffle hunts and lunches, starting with the annual Black Tie & Gumboot Truffle Hunt and Dinner. Visiting chefs from Rockpool Bar and Grill joined in the cooking festivities for the weekend. 


Some of the team behind the truffle hunt

From left to right: Katherine Fitzpatrick (events coordinator); Chris Dekayne (chef – Sisters Rock); Santiago Aristizabal (Chef – RockPool Bar and Grill); Corey Costelleo (Head Chef – RockPool Bar and Grill); Cody Hatton (Head Chef – Sisters Rock); Luisa Machielse (wine manager); Bec Foley (marketing manager).


In about two weeks, 6000 cherry trees will start to blossom at Borrodell. It’s a beautiful time of year to pop out for a glass of wine, beer, or cocktail! 

Each week from Thursday to Monday Borrodell’s Skybar is open. You have the option to do a formalised tasting (max. 6 people, appointment only) or simply get a glass of your favourite drop. When paired with a simple cheese board and a splendid view, it’s hard to beat. 

During the Orange Wine Festival Borrodell is doing a spunky collaboration with Bar Planet. To find out more, head to: 

Words: Helen Johnson – Digital Content Developer