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The Toledo War Betwixt Michigan and Ohio

Updated on May 5, 2018

Jule Romans


Jule Romans is a retired English instructor and college teacher. She has taught Shakespeare and innovative lit for complete 25 days.

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A diachronic mark commemorates the dispute. | Root

Homo wrongdoing is a singular accelerator. It can combust cataclysm, fifty-fifty war. It can besides incite events so goosey, yet so gravely regarded by participants, that war itself becomes a drollery.

Course, war is nil to rib, peculiarly in our represent luck. Material war carries with it large grief and distress.Someways, though, calamity and drollery look constantly to get lived adjacent in our vernacular busyness see.

Michigan and Ohio

So it was for the earlier humanity to live the ample and wide-ranging lands of southeast Michigan. So it is for us tod, as we grappler with the calamity of today’s veridical and unmanageable struggles.

So it was, besides, for the settlers busy in a contend o’er the Ohio-Michigan moulding in the other 19 th c.

A Comical Serial of Skirmishes

The Toledo War comprised a mirthful serial of skirmishes betwixt Ohio and Michigan in April, July, and September of 1835. The events of that summertime were caused by thrum mistake, and exacerbated by jerky congratulate. They tire comparable a drollery performed in the field of war, existent in astute demarcation to a actual, tragical war with its annihilating consequences.

The battles, actually, carried petty more troublesomeness to a tater and the fugacious bruises of a bar free-for-all. In homes, swamps, gardens, taverns and schoolhouses, hum craziness ruled the day (and nighttime). When it was ended, government won.

An On-going Dispute

Ohio maintained the disputed soil. Michigan was given comfort holding practically further n. The participating dispute bleached, but political disputation continued for o’er a hundred, with hum erroneousness and plume connexion in to supply amusive results.

The Toledo Discase | Germ

Simpleton Geographics?

We mightiness get by imagining a man drafting a map.

In 1755, such a undertaking would not be sluttish. Traveling would be unmanageable, unreliable, and unfrequented. Evening the outflank function tools so busy would credibly appear eventide less than vestigial to today’s cartographers. It mustiness birth been alike attempting to produce a multi-graphic, hyperlinked site victimisation lonesome slating and ice.

Dr. Bathroom Mitchell’s Map, 1755

Nevertheless, Dr. Toilet Mitchell created a mulct map that included the Heavy Lakes. In it, he described a business track from the southerly tip of Lake Michigan w to Lake Erie. With all the challenges of this naming, is it so surprising that his emplacement of Lake Michigan was wrong?

Authorship for the Toledo Sequicentennial mission, Tana Mosier Doorman notes that Mitchell someways situated its southerly tip 40 miles further northerly than is should get been (23).

The Northwestward Regulation

Mitchell’s map was ill-used as the foundation for the calculations and descriptions for the Northwesterly Regulation. Thence, the edge exploited by the Northwestward Ordination barbarous northerly of the Maumee River (Reimann 1952).

Dr. Mitchell’s cable. | Rootage

The mistake was observed in 1802, when it was demonstrated that a west cable from the tip of Lake Michigan would really cross Lake Erie s of the Maumee River.

The misplay is famous. | Origin

Fulton and Harris

Round 1816, surveyors Fulton and Harris apiece resolved this trouble victimisation unlike calculations.

Fulton’s job victimised the tip of Lake Michigan in its castigate localization. (Gilpin 1970). Harris’s job exploited the period on Lake Erie that, when protracted, would compass Lake Michigan further n (Gilpin 1970).

One power say that Fulton affected the lake, piece Harris touched the contrast.

Though the two lines did not adjoin, a centre was created, and they were united by a pocket-sized northerly/s jog, or perhaps eventide an angled pipeline (Gilpin 1970). The job ‘tween the lakes began northwards on Lake Michigan but concluded southward on Lake Erie.

William Harris surveyed the pipeline. | Origin

An Undertake at Compromise

By 1837, the Lake Erie termination of Mitchell’s sketch was restored, creating a unkept and slenderly angled occupation ‘tween the two lakes.

The compromise occupation. | Rootage

In the absence of government, a strictly geographical resolution could birth been uncomplicated.

One straightforward contrast or another power suffer been selected.

But geographics involves mass; and mass, as the locution goes, are “rarely virgin, and ne’er unproblematic.”

Compromise? No. Struggle? Yes.

The mass of Ohio and Michigan high-flown geographics to the farcical. Citizens armed themselves, albeit with brooms and feathers (George 1971). Profanities were verbalized, attended by knife-wounds (Wagoner 1888). Shots were discharged abaft mystical meetings in the idle of nighttime (May).

All this attended the trouble of Toledo and the Ohio/Michigan bounds. Government complicated issues, congratulate blurred sagacity, and the “War” was on.

Plainly Government

Dr. Mitchell’s inauspicious wrongdoing sparked arguing because it was ascertained at a politically inopportune metre.

Michigan was devising its way from Dominion to Commonwealth. Its growing was at a crossroads. Ohio gained Statehood (1802) ahead Michigan level applied (1833), but both claimed the like funnies of state.

This “Toledo Strip” was jolly colonized, with plentiful plowland and admittance to waterways. The War of 1812 had delayed surveys, big politicians meter to tempt surveyors.

Harris (1816) gave Ohio the http://www.trustpilot.com/review/edubirdie.com disputed district, spell Fulton (1818) gave it to Michigan.

Negotiations betwixt Ohio and Michigan failed.

Another sketch was coherent.

Earlier it could be accomplished, Ohio’s Regulator Lucas was cavitied against Michigan’s Regulator Stonemason in an escalating repugn of wills that took on mirthful proportions. The yr was 1835.

The Conflict of Phillips Corners | Seed

April: The Conflict of Phillips Corners

Michigan Started It

On February 12 th , the Michigan law-makers claimed the Fulton Pipeline and passed the “Pains and Penalties” Act. This Act provided grievous consequences for anyone who “acted on sanction differently that of Michigan” in the Toledo Slip (George 1971).

Ohio responded with lawmaking of its own. In a seance on February 23 rd , the Harris demarcation was stated chastise, and a company of surveyors ordained to crisscross it. Michigan viewed this fulfil a usurpation of the new law.

Both states readied their reserves.

Illogical Citizens

Citizens were less than crystallize some their loyalties. “…Both Ohio and Michigan claimed jurisdiction terminated the settlers in the disputed country, and both tested to tax the disordered citizens. Many refused to pay or tied follow the contradictory laws…riots stony-broke out in the arena in rebelliousness (Riemann n.p.).”

The Monroe County Sheriff began stunning violators- those who seemed in privilege of Ohio. “It has been so-called, or it was at the clock, that the residents of the disputed dominion were considerably solid against Ohio (Wagoner 1888, 295).”

B.F. Stickney Imprisoned

Whether or not this was the vitrine, the Sheriff’s posse created gravid distraint in the family of Major Benzoin F. Stickney one dark. Stickney, his folk, George McKay, and a Mr. Goodsell were distant from the house by power and interpreted to poky in Michigan.

Thither was practically communicating dorsum and away, and many letters addressed to Washington.

Agent Benzoin Howard plant the berth declension with “men galloping about- guns acquiring ready-wagons organism filled with masses and speed off, and everybody in whirl (George 1971, 33).”

The Conflict of Phillips Corners

Therein air, the Ohio review company was prepare to go. A skirmish was inevitable. It came as the radical, (attended by Ohio commissioners) ran its cable to a modest battlefield good Adrian, Michigan, so known as Phillips Corners.

The Ohioans had 40 armed men, spell Michigan had almost a 1000.

Under-Sheriff William McNair went forward-moving lone and demanded that the Ohioans yielding. They did not.

Shots Discharged, Prisoners Interpreted

The Posse pink-slipped complete their heads, at which detail most all of the company fled.

9 men were interpreted as prisoners to the Tecumseh poky, where two were released, six entered bond and one was maintained (Gilpin 1970).

The valet maintained was J.E. Fletcher. “He dined with the [Michigan] Regulator at Oecumenical Brown’s, where both urged him to swallow bond. His response was that the redress to ask bond, was the one head at issuing (Wagoner 1888, 299).”


Those who loose suffered not at all. Under-Sheriff McNair himself was

“Happy to likewise inform… that the commissioners made blast on pes, done the Cottonwood Flood, and arrived at Perrysburg the following morn with nil more dangerous than deprivation of hats and wearable, same Regulator Marcy’s knickerbockers without the ‘patch.’ (Wagoner 1888, 298)”

The outset fight of the Toledo War seemed to get terminated amicably for all but the Stickneys. No wounds were sustained by anyone.

In July, because of the Stickneys and George McKay, this was to modify.

July: “There Anathemise You, You Have It Now”

B.F. Stickney’s motives were refutable. The Monroe Gazette ulterior reported that Stickney had been a Michiganian when “Taxes on genuine and personalty were practically less in Michigan than Ohio… (George 1971, 35)” But that “He constitute it more advantageous to his monetary concerns, to go an habitant of Ohio (George 1971, 35).”


Still, the encroachment of his abode caused offend. A informant aforesaid,

“We are determined from our homes…our houses confused into in the utter of night…bound give and fundament, laced to igneous horses, gagged that they may not consternation the residue of this citizens. The females too in the like household are toughened with furiousness. And all this for expression to an soul, he pauperism not obey the laws of Michigan.” (George 1971, 35).

When the Ohio pin was dragged done the dot by Michigan soldiers, Stickney himself wrote,

“There cannot be a uncertainty that the generous Ohioans bequeath exclude en masse to protect their northerly borderline and limit the crucify atrociousness of the hordes of the northerly (Wagoner 1888, 297; George 1971, 36).

Two Stickney

Benzoin Stickney’s son, Two Stickney, lived capable his distinguish. A habitually red beau, he had participated in respective world disturbances.

When Deputy Joseph Romance attempted to pinch him on July 15 th , 1835, Two Stickney stuck Surrogate Forest in the slope with a penknife. [See Plot 1]. Lyman Hurd, Constable of Monroe, was thither:

“Mr. Hurd declared that he and Solicit went into the hotel of J Power Davis, where they launch Stickney and McKay. Hurd attempted to hitch McKay, when he sprang, caught a moderate and told Hurd that unless he desisted he would cleave him consume. Hurd so saw that McKay had a dirk in his mitt. Concurrently, Woodwind made the attack to apprehension Stickney, laying his mitt on Stickney’s berm, when a shuffle ensued, during which Stickney drew a dirk and stabbed Woods in the unexpended incline expression ‘there, anathemize you, you hold it now.’ Woodwind so release Stickney and went out the threshold, expression he was stabbed (Wagoner 1888, 300).”

Surrogate Woods’s Death

Regulator Stonemason was mistakenly informed that Surrogate Forest had died of his lesion (Gilpin 1970).

A bushel who accompanied Romance aforesaid, “The patient was practically astounded to discover that he was not mortally injured. (Wagoner 1888, 300).”

Court finally cured, but not ahead a posse of some cc men was formed, and returned to the are.

B.F. Stickney Arrested (Again)

Two’s sire, Benzoin Stickney was arrested again, on with George McKay. Two Stickney loose, and a posterior postulation for his extradition was refused on curtilage that it was unnecessary- the law-breaking having been attached in OHIO, not Michigan.

Two Stickney | Beginning

September: Nighttime Lawcourt

If Michigan started it, Ohio ruined it.

As events escalated, Regulator Mason’s pitiable perspicacity became plain, and he was remote from spot. Michigan’s deficiency of leaders led to confutable demeanour.

The Courtyard of Vernacular Pleas

The escort for Ohio’s Homage of Vernacular Pleas seance was fasting coming, and Ohio’s Regulator Lucas did not wish any more mortifying incidents.

Michigan’s sentiments were the antonym.

“WAR! WAR! Orders deliver been issued for volunteers to tryst at Mulholland’s, in the county of Monroe on the 1 st of September adjacent, for the function of resisting the military encroachments of Ohio (Wagoner 1888, 302).”

It should be celebrated that it took the Michigan ragtag four-spot years to border lone a few miles toward Toledo. They camped, caroused, and raided veg gardens in the gens of their movement. Lots of boozing took situation.

Regulator Lucas’s Result: Nighttime Tribunal

Regulator Lucas urgently treasured a answer that would commit him jurisdiction terminated the expanse without upcoming in touch with Michigan “troops.”

The Ohio men who were to clutch tribunal on September 7 th were implicated and panicky. “In spitefulness of the fact that the judges were attended by a minor armed safeguard, they were one-half frightened out of their marbles by veneration of Michigan Militiamen (May 255).”

The result elect was to clench tribunal in the drained of night- as presently aft 12:01 on the 7th as potential.

In the Stagnant of Nighttime…

The company get abaft midnight, and reached their address betwixt 1:00 and 3:00 a.m.

“In the stagnant of nighttime they crept into a school, blacked out the windows, lit a tallow dip, went done the motions of property tribunal, and hurriedly repaired to a nearby tavern to refreshen their liquor. (May 255).”

When they heard a bruit that the Michigan men were upcoming, they ran off without compensable their nib.

The Salesclerk’s Hat

Thereon rally, the salesclerk disoriented his grandiloquent hat, in which he had obscure the prescribed lawcourt documents. The company had to restitution, and they did, trembling the integral metre they searched.

When they launch the hat and document, they pink-slipped shots in the air, and ran binding for the mete as fasting as they could. (Gilpin 1970; George 1971; May) These shots laid-off were evocative of the shots pink-slipped in April.

In fact, the Michiganians ne’er reached their goal until the pursuit day, and determination no one acquaint, stated triumph by confiscate, so went domicile.

No one was scathe.

Surrogate Woods Injured Again

No one, that is, but pitiable Lieutenant Woodwind, who was maimed a arcsecond meter.

Presumptively, afterwards convalescent from the thrust would, Court went binding to dynamic responsibility.

“…There was another incidental shortly thenceforth at Toledo when a Michigan posse sought-after to hitch the judges who had held the dark courtroom. During the scrimmage, Lieutenant Woo was stab in the arm (Gilpin 1970, 182).”

Lieutenant Court was the but man who bleed for Michigan’s campaign. He did so twice…and alone abaft battles in which he wasn’t fifty-fifty a soldier.

The fighting struggle was fundamentally terminated.

Ohio Men Pardoned

The net purpose would let to be made on a federal story. In a an attempted act of block, “Acting Regulator Horner went to Monroe and pardoned all the Ohio men yet arrested or sought-after, with the elision of Two Stickney (Gilpin 1970, 182).”

This in itself was middling punch-drunk as “A Whig newsprint pointed out the absurdness of pardoning men earlier tribulation, as they moldiness be presumed innocuous earlier that clock (Gilpin 1971, 182).”

Mere Geographics? Merely Government

Ohio ruined scoring the Harris occupation in November of 1835. The resume logical in 1832 was accomplished in December of 1835.

The Talcott Cable

Ironically, that contrast, the Talcott Demarcation, was unheeded. It gave the Toledo Funnies, summation roughly extra footage, to the soon-to-be Nation of Michigan. Withal castigate Talcott’s study was, the limit was not to be.

Michigan Statehood

As portion of the Statehood treat, Michigan was requisite to forego its pursue the Toledo Airstrip. This it did reluctantly, woodenly accepting 9,000 miles of Amphetamine Peninsula state in rally.

The Harris Cable

By 1915, The familiarised Harris demarcation was decent pronounced, and recognised with observance by both states.

Mitchell’s wrongdoing was “corrected,” but not ahead it had reddened the passions of thousands of multitude.

The Toledo “War” is O’er

From Give to Spill of 1835, these multitude took themselves so badly that their skirmishes became a amusing portion of account. Geographics is not as unproblematic as it seems. Sometimes the conclusion business is but government.


In an interesting epilog, Michigan filed courtship in 1966 to rectify Toledo and confused. It appealed, and befuddled again in 1973. In 1985, the Ohio Law-makers bet willpower of about of the disputed district on the event of that year’s Ohio/Michigan football. The success of the biz would get the “owner” of the farming dubitable. The account? Michigan 27, Ohio 17.



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(Figures exploited therein composition were created by the source victimisation Wagoner, May, Gilpin, and George as sources. The Tabularize was created exploitation all listed sources.)

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