This is a truly inspirational story: Partners Brendan Sheldrick and Leanne Crofts breed and hand raise quail (and other game) on their small family farm. The quail are free to dust bathe, dig holes and scratch in their flocks, allowing the birds to express what is essential and natural to their own behaviour. From a small beginning, they are now the primary supplier of Quail and Quail Eggs to the very best of Australian restaurants.

Eugowra Pastured Game Birds are one of a special group of small scale sustainable farmers and producers who excel in the management of rare and heritage breeds of pig, sheep, cattle, poultry, and highest quality eggs and dairy. They are the first and only pastured quail and quail egg producers in the world, along with poussin, open range pheasants, geese and more.

Eugowra Quail are completely natural pasture raised quail from central western New South Wales. The selected breeding stock is derived from a specific Japanese strain of quail resulting in a gamier, richer flavoured meat with a deeper hue.

Few game birds are as versatile, simple to cook, and easy to enjoy as quail. These plump, juicy birds make everyone – from novices to professionals – look like a champion. Grilled or sautéed, they’re almost impossible to ruin. The medium-dark flesh has a mildly gamey flavour that readily takes to being marinated, stuffed, or highly seasoned. They are small, so allow one to one half quail per person for an entrée. Because they are lean, they need to be cooked quickly over high heat and served medium rare to retain their moisture and flavour.

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