Where would the world be without bees?

“If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth man would only have 4 years left to live” according to Albert Einstein. The Honeybee is the world’s most important pollinator. One third of our global food supply is pollinated by bees. Bees play a part in every aspect of our ecosystem.

Bees, honey and the Lockwood Family – this is a great family success story of beekeeping for more than 36 years. Grant Lockwood (1958-2017) started beekeeping at the age of 17 with Orange Bee Farms. Together with his wife and four children Goldfields Apiaries was established. Today Goldfields Honey now runs 8,000 beehives, pollinating many different food crops, and produces fine Australian honey and beeswax.

Honey was chosen as the hero product for the 2020 F.O.O.D Week Festival because of the important role the bees play in our environment, and the new innovative products that are now being produced with beeswax such as the bees wax wraps. They’re an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic wrap.

The Beekeepers Inn,established in 2008,is now includes A licenced café, farm shop, honey outlet, honey tasting, antiques and a place to educate locals, school children and tourists about the beekeeping industry. You can even see a live beehive through the safety of a glass window.

The 1859 Brewery is also located onsite producing many varieties of Ales including a lovely Honey amber ale. Pop out to The Beekeepers Inn, meet one of the family and learn something about bees and our industry.

They now help us all to understand the health benefits of honey-based products, and the significant positive impact bees make on our environment and produce.

The Beekeepers Inn and Goldfields Honey products are available from:

  • The Beekeepers Inn
  • Orange Visitor Information Centre

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