This is a great family success story of beekeeping for more than 36 years. They now help us all to understand the health benefits of honey-based products, and the significant positive impact bees make on our environment and produce.

The Inn traded from 1859 to 1877 under various owners and was a Cobb & Co horse changing station between Bathurst and Orange during this time. When the railway service reached Orange in April 1877, the Cobb & Co was discontinued.

In 2003 Grant Lockwood & his wife Vicki purchased The Halfway House and started lovingly restoring the building back to it’s old self. Opening a bar in the township of Vittoria he offered ‘first class accommodation for man and horse. A stock of liquors of the best quality’ and not forgetting the most important, the rules of the house ‘cleanliness and civility’.

Grant’s first love was beekeeping and, with the opening of the farm shop, he had somewhere to sell and promote his reverently produced honey, showcasing different varieties & educating the public on the importance of bees.

The Product is available from:

  • The Beekeepers Inn
  • Orange Visitor Information Centre

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