ue and Steve Brown bought Lot 8 of a community title farm called Rivers Road Organic Farms on the Belubula River at Canowindra in Central West NSW in 2004and had a tree change by moving there with their two young sons to build a strawbale house and live in a more sustainable way.

Our plan is to manage our grove organically paying close attention to nutritional requirement of the trees and appropriate pruning and watering management to produce high quality fruit.

We planted over 1000 trees in 2006 including varieties: Kalamata, Jumbo Kalamata, Oil Kalamata and Spanish Queen. Kalamatas are the most popular eating variety due to their size, flavour and texture. Our hand picked olives are traditionally cured in 10% brine using Murray River Salt over a 9 to 12 month period.

The fruit left after select picking are shaken off by a harvester and processed for oil. The oil press is less than 1 kilometre from our farm ensuring quick processing to create a boutique oil that is organic, extra virgin and cold pressed kalamata oil.

We chose olives because of their suitability to the local climate, low water needs and resistance to pests and disease. Their health benefits are also widely known and have a versatility that lends them to varied uses. They are great in salads, pasta sauces, antipasto platters, pizza or straight from the jar.

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