This is a fascinating story about a fourth generation farming family developing new and exciting techniques to build regenerative farming systems, and in a way implementing some ancient farming philisophies – that is everything works together in nature in its own way, and with minimal interference and good care, produces maximum results.

Carbeen Pastured Produce is a family-owned farming business located in Manildra in Central Western New South Wales. It is owned and operated by the Shannon family under the direction of Rodger and Katherine Shannon along with our small but dedicated team. We are fourth generation farmers on our 549 Hectare property using a diverse mix of enterprises to build a regenerative farming system.

Our focus at Carbeen is on improving the health of our soil. The health of our soil is the key to healthy plants, healthy animals and our ultimate outcome, producing healthy, nourishing foods. We implement regenerative farming techniques including holistic planned grazing. We implement biomimicry of natural systems with animal enterprises that complement each other such as with our cattle/sheep and our poultry enterprises, mimicking the birds that follow the great herds in nature.

We also use cover cropping and pasture cropping techniques that focus on increasing the diversity of plant and animal on our farm. We do not use ‘synthetic’ fertilisers or any biocides (pesticide, herbicide or fungicide) and we do not till our soil. Our aim is that our ground should be covered 100% of the time and should have an active root system for as long as possible. This system sustains and promotes the living organisms in our soil, building and maintaining a healthy soil ecosystem which in turn maintains a healthy diverse farm ecosystem.

Carbeen Pastured Produce currently produce Eggs, Beef, Lamb, Wool, Chicken and Duck as well as growing the grains for our poultry production. They allow all our animals to express their natural behaviours. In fact they utilise these behaviours to perform functions on our property.

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