Sallydale Organic Fruit and Vegetable Farm has been certified for 20 years, making it the oldest organic farm in the central tablelands area.

Welcome to Sallydale Organic Farm, the oldest certified organic farm in the Central Tablelands of NSW. Our 40 acre farm is home to:

  • 5000 heritage apple trees
  • A small flock (40 ewes) of shedding wool sheep mainly Wiltipol, who produce approximately 60 beautiful organic lambs each year
  • 40 hens and Roberto the Sussex rooster looked after by our 3 Maremma dogs, Sharntje, Scout and Shadow who make it possible for the chooks to live an idyllic life in the orchard!
  • Angelina and King Billy plum trees
  • Chesnuts, Walnuts, Olives and Quinces
  • Herbs and vegetables
  • There are lots of native trees and currently 35 species of native birds on the farm

Our organic certification is with AOC(formerly the BFA) and we are audited every year to ensure compliance with standards.