Fresh Pastures produce is grown on ‘Glenroy’, a 400 hectare property owned by Ian and Sharon Chapman. ‘Glenroy’ is located at Store Creek, 50 kms north of Orange, in the Central West of New South Wales.

At ‘Glenroy’, we love producing excellent pastured products such as beef and pork in a regenerative way, which is great for the animals too. Fresh pasture and clean water is provided regularly and all stock is handled using “stress-free” techniques.

Decision by decision, we strive to improve the effectiveness of the ecosystem processes (water cycle, mineral cycle, solar energy flow, and nature’s community dynamics). We believe that working with nature is far more productive than fighting or working against her. Building soil enables carbon levels in the soil to be restored, helping to correct the excess levels in the atmosphere.

Managing holistically, we plan to get to where we want to be, socially, ecologically and economically – that is for people, profit and planet.

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