At Carbeen Pastured Produce our farming practices are based on holistic farming principles. We are focused on improving the health of our soil. The health of our soil is the key to healthy plants, healthy animals and our ultimate outcome, producing healthy, nourishing foods. Carbeen Pastured Produce implements regenerative farming techniques and are focused on increasing the diversity of plant and animal on our farm. We do not use ‘artificial’ fertilisers on our farm.

While we are not “certified organic” we do believe that we produce “beyond organic produce” as our management practices enhance the environment, something that is not required of organic producers.

We wish to reconnect the community to the farm. We believe that creating these threads of connection will develop a fabric of trust and respect between the farmer (us) and the customer. This will lead to us continuing to strive to produce the highest quality produce for you.

Rodger and Katherine moved to “Carbeen” in April 2012 and are proud to be the fourth generation of Rodger’s family to farm on Carbeen. Rodger and Katherine welcomed Charlie into their farming family in June 2012 and Willamina in April 2014.

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